//HERMES ALERT. Situation is Omega.//
//All Agents instructed to prepare for extract in T minus …//
— signal lost —
timestamp 23:12:37 gmt. March 15, 20xx
— searching —
— searching —
— signal lost —

About the T- Campaign

These are the tales of an Aegis Cell based out of the Northern California area. First drawn together by Dr. Carla Stevens, CDC Senior Research Contractor, the Cell has been activated several times in the last year.

HERMES Directorate / Twitter Feed: @Aegis_Ops

Current Cell Status: Active

Personnel Status
Agent Thomas Lindermann, DEA: Active / Cell Leader
Agent Dorian Johnston, ICE: Active
Adam Keith Holmes, Jr, Research Assistant: Active
Jake Reilly, Moondust Tech Specialist: Active
Martha Hillston, MK Ultra Researcher: Inactive / Recovery
Dr. Carla Stevens, CDC: Inactive / Recovery

About Conspiracy X

On the surface the world looks very much like the one outside your bedroom window. The same people are walking the same dirty streets, the same animals rummage through the same garbage, and the same mindless drivel is shown on the same television stations.

Sometimes that world just doesn’t seem right. You wake up in the morning and get the feeling that something isn’t as it should be. Why do certain figures appear out of nowhere and become famous overnight? Why do the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer? What is the government really paying for when it shells out 75 bucks for a screwdriver? Why is it the more questions you ask the less answers you get? Why is it any answer always leads to another question?

Sometimes you cannot see what defines your world.

This is the nature of conspiracies.

This is the nature of Conspiracy X.

Conspiracy X takes place in a world of dark secrets and hidden agendas where the only certainty is nothing is what it seems. The president might not be human… and the sign carrying paranoid on the street corner ranting about CIA mind control satellites may very well be right.

In other words, a world just like yours, if you could see beyond the lies…


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